Tips for Selling in Summer

Tips for Selling in Summer

Summer has traditionally been the best time to sell a home. Not only do many families take advantage of moving when the kids are out of school, but in climates where winter weather is unpredictable or severe, the warmer months make it easier to be away for showings. With more homes on the market, how can you maximize your potential for a great offer among the options? Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ensure your home stands out from the crowd.


Tips for Selling in Summer

  • Control the Climate – The first thing a buyer will notice when they walk into a home is the temperature. If the weather is warm and humid, it’s critical you keep the home cool. A larger air conditioning bill is a small price to pay for a top dollar offer.
  • Let in the Sun – It might be tempting to close the blinds to save money on air conditioning, but bright, sunny rooms are always more appealing; leave enough open to showcase natural light.
  • Extend Outdoors – Today’s lifestyle includes the outdoor areas and more and more homes feature outdoor living and dining areas. Regardless of your home’s features, maximize the impact of your yard with furniture, BBQs and manicured landscaping.
  • Spring Clean – A fresh, decluttered home with a lighter, seasonal color scheme will be visually appealing to your buyers. Replace dark pillows, linen and accents with softer colors which make the rooms seem larger.

The summer selling season is here. Make sure your home is dressed for success. Welcoming outdoor spaces and bright sunny rooms combined with inviting an air conditioned rooms will ensure you get the best possible offer.

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How Appraisers Determine Value

How Appraisers Determine Value

Once a buyer and seller agree on a sales price, the contract is then sent to the lender for the

loan approval process. One of the first things the lender will do is to order an independent

appraisal. The appraiser will use local data to determine a value for the subject property. The

main purpose is to protect the lender in the event of borrower default by ensuring that the

property is actually worth what the buyer is willing to pay, but this also protects the buyer

from over-paying as well.

The process appraiser use to determine value is relatively simple. They start by searching for

local comparable properties which have closed recently. They choose the 2 or 3 which most

closely match the subject property and use them for comparison. Since these comparable

homes have closed recently, they are assumed to represent market value.

Once the appraiser has the comparable properties identified, they will then compare the

subject property to them. They will add or subtract value for size, location, amenities,

features, upgrades and so on until they have a value for the subject property. This is then

reported to the lender in the form of a final appraisal.

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5 Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

5 Tips for a Smooth Moving Day 

Regardless of whether you’re moving across town or across the globe, moving day can be stressful. Often people find themselves scrambling to get everything done and make sure it’s done correctly. By following a few simple steps, you can make your moving day go smoothly and without the typical headaches.

  1. Hire the Right Company–The easiest way to ensure your moving day goes smoothly is to do your homework ahead of time. Clearly communicate your needs and expectations, check references and keep a record of all conversations and estimate.
  2. Have Your Packing Done Ahead of Time–Don’twait until the last minute to get your portion of the packing done.
  3. Check the Work Order before They Start–Mistakes and misunderstandings happen all the time; make any corrections or additions ahead of time and double check that your expectations are reflected correctly.
  4. Supervise the Packing Process–On moving day, your job is to supervise the movers. If they are packing your items, pay special attention while they handle valuable or fragile objects.
  5. Enlist the Help of Family and Friends–The day will go smoother and will be more fun with people around. Friends and family can add extra eyes to the process and run simple errands for you.

Moving is a stressful time in anyone’s life. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed by preparing ahead of time for the big day. When you know what to expect, you can feel comfortable that your belongings are being cared for and your expectations will be met.

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How to Find Your Dream Home When Inventory Is Low?

How to Find Your Dream Home When Inventory Is Low?

You’ve heard the rumors; it’s a “Seller’s Market.” Well if you are actively searching for a new home, you know that it’s true. The low inventory of homes for sale has made things difficult for buyers. There just aren’t many homes for sale out there and when a nice listing does come to market, it’s met with multiple offers…..often with offer prices over asking.

If you’re a buyer in this market, you might feel overwhelmed but remember that with a solid strategy, you can still find your dream home, even when inventory is low.

The highest offer price in the world is worthless if the transaction doesn’t close.

Here are a few tips for buyers looking in a tight market:

  • Talk to a lender before you shop so you’re prepared
  • Be prepared to pull the trigger
  • Write a competitive offer
  • Keep contingencies to a minimum
  • Write a clean offer; Make it easy for the sellers to just say yes.

When inventory is low, it’s easy to feel like the best homes are already gone, but by working with your agent, you can put yourself in the best position to have your offer accepted.

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Winter Home Sales are Smart

Advantages of Selling a Home This Winter

Home sellers and real estate agents often fear the winter months because it seems like a poor time to list. The truth is that winter can be a great time to list your home for sale.

Less Inventory

Conventional wisdom tries to say that taking your home off the market in winter, or waiting to list, until the spring selling season starts is the best way to sell your home. The truth is that if you are trying to sell your home, wouldn’t you rather list while the competition is less?

Higher Prices

With the end of the summer season, often homes are removed from the market, either because the sellers mistakenly believe they need to wait for the spring. But when listings flood the market in April, prices can go down as a “buyers’ market” takes hold and inventory increases.

Serious Buyers

Buyers in the winter also tend to be more serious about a home purchase. The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. In real estate, studies show that if a buyer is out looking for a new home during these months, they have a reason to move, which tend to create better offers.

Home sellers can enhance their ability to capitalize on the slower pace and smaller inventory by listing their homes for sale now. Winter is the perfect time to get the highest possible sales price while the competition is drinking pumpkin- spiced latte and waiting for the spring.

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Average Cost of Common Home Improvements

Is your home ready for a facelift? It is important to know the average cost of common home improvements and there return on investment before beginning projects.

Over time, even the trendiest look will become outdated and stale. You know you want to make some changes, but aren’t sure how much to budget for the changing you’d like to make. Before you decide how best to use your available funds, consider the most common upgrades and the national average cost for each.

  • Garage Door (2-door) – $3,500
  • Deck Addition – $10,900
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel – $21,250
  • Major Kitchen Remodel – $40,000
  • Window Replacement (vinyl) – $15,500
  • Bathroom Remodel – $20,000
  • Roof Replacement – $25,000
  • Exterior Paint – $5,000
  • Interior Paint – $2,750
  • Front Door Replacement – $1,500
  • New Pool Equipment – $5,000

Not every upgrade will bring a solid rate-of-return when you go to sell your home and if that’s your goal, then you need to factor that into your estimates. Some of the best investments you can make include kitchens and bathrooms, new garage doors and front door and fresh paint. Each of these will bring in between 80-90% return-on-investment when you go to sell. While this might not be a dollar-for-dollar return, an updated home will always sell faster and for a higher sales price than its dated counterpart.

Top 15 Home Updates That Pay Off

Please feel free to give me a call before you plan a big, or small, improvement project to make sure your project will bring you the best “bang for the buck.”

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Holiday Potpourri Recipe

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Almost everyone has a favorite holiday recipe!  How about giving this Holiday Potpourri recipe a try? You can fill your home with the aroma of the Holidays and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift!

  1. 1/2 cup fresh cranberries.
  2. 1 orange sliced.
  3. 4 cinnamon sticks broken in half.
  4. 1 tablespoon cloves.
  5. 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg.
  6. 2-3 cups water.

Put everything in the crock pot and fill with water, covering all ingredients.  Mix and turn on low, uncovered.  You may add water throughout the day so your potpourri does not burn.

What are your favorite holiday scents?


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Thanksgiving Home Decor

Home Sweet Home 

Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas
Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. While the standard pumpkins and
scented candles are a nice touch, there are so many other options for decorating
a home for Thanksgiving. Consider these interesting and unusual touches to bring
a fall feel to your home.
• Colorful Leaves – In most parts of the country, there are piles of fall leaves
in the front yard. There are a huge variety of uses for these bright leaves.
Gather some to use on the dining room table, inside candle hurricanes or
scatter along the mantle.
• Natural Elements – Decorations don’t need to be so obvious. Consider
using driftwood, acorns and pinecones to add a fall flavor to your home
• Fall Fruit – Lemons placed in a bowl have long been a staple in spring and
summertime staging. In fall and winter, change the lemons to a variety of
colors of apples. Everything from red to green and everything in between
adds a seasonal tone to the kitchen.
• Pillows and Throws – There’s no rule that says that one needs to keep the
same pillows and throws throughout the home all year around. Consider
fall/winter colors and themes to add interest to living rooms, bedrooms and

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